Moonumani | Flowers | Ep# 440

Moonumani is the protagonist ,20 year old girl who is mentally retarded. She has two elder brothers.
Her unmarried aunty also stays with them. The tele cinema portrays the situations the girl faces in her life. The girl’s father dies on the previous day of her brothers marriage, which was an accident caused by her.
Her life becomes more drastic after her dads death. Relatives plans to get her married. But on the Day of the ‘Pennukanal’ ,the boy who comes to meet her gets insulted by her. The driver who accompanies him for the Pennukanal, shows interest in her and approaches the family for her hand. She gets married to him.
The twist…! The driver who comes to marry the girl is ex-lover of her 2nd brothers wife..

‘Moonumani’ – Monday to friday, 7.00PM Only on Flowers.